Awesome Innovation In Internet Searching

Visual search is the future when it comes to searching for items that are desired on the web. The Internet brought about a new era of change for all of humanity. With the use of the Internet a person no longer has to worry about where and how they will find certain items. If a person is looking for a shirt, a friend, or even a potential mate, all they have to do is go on the Internet and do a search for the thing that they are looking for. Within no time the item that they have typed into the search engine will be shown.

Do They Care?

The problem with today's stars is that they do not care who the best player in the game is. They do not want to find out because they are scared to know the truth. They will not go toe to toe with someone to see who was better at that moment. There is a certain lack of respect for each other that goes to the heart of this problem, and that is why you see games like the all star game balloon in score almost immediately.

Cavs are having fun again

When LeBron James was leading the Miami Heat to back to back NBA Final Championships there was an air of elitism around the team. Of course there was, as Miami was single mindedly committed to winning basketball games. But LeBron was also having fun. He'd be seen dancing with his team mates or joking during interviews. He'd interrupt Chris Bosh so many times that the player began to always look over his shoulder during a postgame interview. In Cleveland those antics have been curiously absent. That is, until now.

Wizards Drop to Hornets

The Washington Wizards of the National Basketball Association have found themselves with a winning season and finally gaining the prominence that they have been seeking since they watched Michael Jordan retire a decade ago. Valia Investments stated,the Wizards signed a bad deal a number of years ago when they decided to sign Gilbert Arenas to a max deal, only to see him get pretty much booted from the league.


Kobe Won’t Retire

There is a bunch of conversation in the media regarding the injury to Kobe Bryant and how it might affect him going forward.

Drew Brees Mocks Deflate-Gate

Now, if you are Drew Brees, you are not interested in drawing more attention to yourself in the scope of deflate-gate. However, it is funny when you make fun of the way Tom Brady likes his balls.

Jared Haftel A Dedicated And Driven Individual

Jared Haftel is certainly a man that has shown that it is very possible to reach a person's full potential as long as they have a lot of drive and dedication. Jared Haftel was able to get his MBA at the Stanford school of business and he is a graduate of Duke University. It is quite possible that from a very young age Jared may have decided that he wanted to have a career in banking. Because of his love of science, mathematics, and economics he decided to get a bachelors degrees in all three of those subjects.

The Story of Jonathan Veitch

Jonathan Veitch was appointed the 15th president of Occidental College in July 1st, 2009. The previous dean of The New School’s Eugene Lang College based in New York City, Veitch is also a leading supporter for the education of liberal arts.

NFL Overtime

The National Football League made a transition in the procedure for handling overtime games several years ago and it has proven to be a good decision. In the past, a coin toss would decide who would get the ball first in a fifteen minute overtime and the first person to score won the game. This clearly isn't fair, because it only required the winning team of the coin toss to make it to the thirty-five yard line and take a shot at a field goal.

Prince Fielder Will Be Focus Of Rangers

As the Rangers try to rebuild, they are going to use Prince Fielder as their focus. They are banking on Fielder to be the person that gives them the juice that they need to get their team turned around. They already had to get rid of Josh Hamilton, and they are trying to manage with the pitching talent they already have. The problem is that their bats have gone cold for too many years in a row.


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